THE ZETTY AND INDY SHOW is a comedic podcast produced by Idylwild Pictures.  The weekly podcast (new episodes drop every Monday!) feature wife and husband, Grace Rowe and Michael Jaworski, as they portray their two dogs, Zetty and Indy.  Talking all things fleshy and furry, The Zetty And Indy Show has gained international attention, with podcast listeners in over eighty-seven countries.  They were recently listed in the "Top 20 Dog Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021" and have now partnered with Dogoday.com.

You can listen to their weekly episodes at thezettyandindyshow.com/episodes, where you can also become a Patreon to the show.  You can also listen on  Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Google PodcastsStitcher and more.

For more information, or advertising queries, please contact info@thezettyandindyshow.com.  You can also follow them on Instagram @thezettyandindyshow or on Facebook at facebook.com/thezettyandindyshow.