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My goal as a writer, actress, director, and producer is one and the same:

To tell groundbreaking stories that move audiences, defy stereotypes, and challenge the status quo.  

I hope to shed light on how similar we are, and yet also how uniquely different we can be.  

My aim is to bring truth to every fictional story while finding captivating ways to tell them.

My desire is to work with the most talented creatives in the business, and to hire as many women in key positions as possible.

I seek to tell inclusive stories that reflect the multicultural, multi-sexual, and incredibly diverse world
we live in.

I want to tell stories that excite me, devastate me, and make me laugh hysterically.  Preferably, all in the same project.

I hope to bring amazing characters and stories to life while constantly pushing the boundaries of what we believe is possible.

Grace Rowe
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