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Writer, actress, and filmmaker, Grace Rowe, founded Idylwild Pictures in 2006 while producing her first feature film.  Named after the street that she grew up on in Southern California, Grace chose to pay homage to the place where she discovered her love for storytelling.  

Her first screenplay, AMERICAN SEOUL, (based off her critically acclaimed one-woman show, THE GRID LIFE, won numerous awards and accolades, including Best Feature Screenplay at the New York Asian American Film Festival.  After pitching the script to various Hollywood production companies, Grace soon realized that finding financing for a film with an all Asian American female cast would be near impossible.  Deciding not to wait any longer, Grace wrote I AM THAT GIRL, (watch the entire film online here), and also performed in, produced, and edited the feature-length drama.  The film also stars Michael Jaworski, Pedro Pascal, Cooper Barnes, and Megan Molloy.  I AM THAT GIRL played at numerous film festivals worldwide and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize for Best Narrative Feature Film at the Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival.  Grace also received the Best Actress Award from The Yosemite International Film Festival for her performance in the film.

Her directorial debut was the award-winning short film, THE SWEETENING, a sci-fi drama based off a feature screenplay she wrote (and a t.v. series idea she developed) by the same name.  THE SWEETENING received numerous accolades and awards, including Best Live Action Sci-Fi Short from the Atlanta Sci-Fi Film Festival, and Best Cinematography from the Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival.  The film was licensed by DUST, an online sci-fi channel, and the entire short film can be viewed on our website here.

Grace most recently directed the dramedy short film, BAG OF WORMS, a story about a Halloween party that turns south when the issue of race and cultural appropriation comes up amongst friends.  The short film won Best Comedy at the Georgia Shorts Film Festival, and it was nominated for Best Ensemble Cast by the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, Best Director at the Women's Comedy Film Festival of Atlanta, and was an official selection of the LA International Short Film Festival.


Grace works as an actor and freelance director and editor, and is currently prepping her directorial feature film debut, MAD TIMES. She's also developing THE PARKS, a television series based loosely on her dysfunctional extended family.  At this time, she's not seeking other projects to produce, however, she is always looking for interesting and talented people to collaborate with.  If you'd like to reach out, please visit our CONNECT PAGE.

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